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I'd read it..

..goalie yoga! That totally has to be a thing. Has someone written fic?


The Musketeers 2014

So, are you guys watching this? Any fic recs (including your own) or comm recs or tumblr recs would be greatly appreciated! :)

I am pretty pleased that this show seems to have removed all the things I do not like about the books...Collapse )
Yesterday, after taking a puck to the face, Crosby left the game and did not come back. The coach said it was just some lost teeth, but Crosby is tough as nails, we have seen him come right back after taking pucks in the face before, so it had to be really bad, like return of concussion or a broken jaw. Now we know that he had surgery yesterday to repair a broken jaw. And he will have more surgery. And he'll be out indefinitely. And he was doing so well this year. Dammit :((((

ETA: seriously, the last time I was this level of bummed is when Panic! divorced. Ugh, fandom!


hey people who still care about PatD..

..I have a stupid stupid question: is Ryan Ross getting back with his old band?

I mean... he doesn't APPEAR to be doing anything else? And they seem to be tweeting at each other?




...#ShortestHockeyBooks is going again on twiter ^__^




Feb. 16th, 2013

What do you do if you are reading a story (already completed and posted, by a total stranger) and you have concrit? Nothing, right?

Does it bug anyone else that fictional Blackhawks (or whichever team) have the same front office personnel / trainers / etc, no matter how far into the future the story is? Does anyone really believe that Quenneville will still be coaching in Chicago ten years from now? Be creative, have some fun, send Laviolette to coach the Wild, and send Torts to Detroit, juggle the old boys' club around a bit :P

Also, teams don't stay the same, in about 3-5 years, the Islanders and the Blue Jackets and the Leafs (heh) are gonna be the best in the league, and, like, Calgary will be the new Ohio....


Kenshin 2012

I finally downloaded the Kenshin action movie that came out last summer. It's dubbed in Russian, pretty funny :)


Going to bed. Tomorrow morning I want to find out that Blues have beaten Preds, Flames have beaten Wings, Bolts crushed Flyers, Columbus destroyed LA, Devils shut out the Rangers, and Penguins finally did NOT lose to Islanders. I kind of want Chicago to win, in general, but I'm ok with teams losing to the Sharks..


Jan. 10th, 2013

You know what PISSES ME OFF? SO MANY people talking about BUYING NHL MERCH. Ugh!!!!! Hockey fans, stop being such doormats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

I will watch games. I might even buy tickets. But I will NOT buy any merch (or food at the arena, if I go to games). For, like, at least a YEAR. If you're really DYING for that Blackhawks jersey, get it from another fan on ebay or craigslist, ugh!

post scratched due to reasons

The Host is Twightlight, but backwards! I am pretty slow to figure it out, although to be fair, I haven't been giving it much thought?

Anyway: the 'hero' of The Host is a zombie who kills/eats lots of people, but none of those people really matter. Then he sees THE SPECIAL GIRL, the one who is better and specialer and worthier than all the rest of the people he killed/ate, they are meant to be together forever and so he doesn't kill her and she redeems him and makes him human again. She is Bella and he is Edward, except this time the story is from him POV and instead of her converting to be with him, this time he converts to be with her.


Note: I haven't actually read The Host or any of the Twighlight books (I'm sure they are fun reads, I just don't have the time?), and I don't think the movie of The Host is out yet? So, I am hypothesizing purely from the trailer for The Host and the Twighlight movies...
(er, /o\?)


In this journal I might talk about books, movies, anime, manga, music, my fanatical ideals concerning childbirth and parenting, my life being split between Orlando, Florida and New Jersey, my dogs, my kid, my travel plans, bands I like, shows I just went to see, dancing, nutrition, cooking, bread making, weight lifting, fanfiction I just read, fandom, articles from Vegetarian Times, Bon Appetit, Vogue, Mothering Magazine, and other similar things.
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