All these moments will be lost in time...

...like tears in rain.

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In this journal I might talk about books, hockey, movies, anime, manga, music, my fanatical ideals concerning childbirth and parenting, my life being split between Florida and New Jersey, my dogs, my kid, my travel plans, bands I like, shows I just went to see, dancing, nutrition, cooking, bread making, weight lifting, fanfiction I just read, fandom, articles from Vegetarian Times, Bon Appetit, Vogue, Mothering Magazine, and other similar things.

Places I've lived: Russia (Moscow); Collingswood, Edison, Perth Amboy, New Brusnwick, and a few other cities in southen & central New Jersey that I can no longer remember; Springfield, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Sarasota, Jacksonville & Orlando, Florida.

24 hour restaurants, almost anyone/almost anyone, alternate fuel vehicles, alternative history, alternative lifestyles, america's test kitchen, ancient cultures, ancient history, androgyny, animal behavior, anime, anthropology, anti-circ, aquariums, athena, attachment parenting, avocados, baking from scratch, barefoot contessa, beaches, blade of the immortal, blade runner, bladerunner, bodybuilding, books, bread making, breastfeeding on demand, buffy, charlaine harris, children's rights, chosen family, complicated cooking, concerts, continuum concept, cooking, direct entry midwifery, dogs, dorothy dunnett, esenin, everyday italian, extended breastfeeding, fairy tales, fandom, fanfiction, firefly, florida, folklore, folktales, food 911, group marriage, gundam wing, harry dresden, harry potter, history, hockey, home birth, homebirth midwifery, homeschooling, inuyasha, julian kestrel, kare kano, kate ross, latin ballroom dancing, law and order: svu, livejournal as a lifestyle, lone wolf and cub, los kjarkas, lymond, manga, marmalade boy, mars, molto mario, movies, muscles, museums, music, mysteries, mythology, nana, natural childbirth, nhl, nocirc, non-vaccinating, nutrition, open 24 hours, orlando, ot3, pagan, people watching, philosophy, polyamory, queer as folk us, reading, reinvent ♥, renewable energy resources, researching, road trips, rurouni kenshin, sci-fi, science fiction, slash, smart women, snail mail, sookie stackhouse, supernatural, sushi, table tennis, taking children seriously, tea, trains, tramps like us, travel, twenty-four hour restaurants, unschooling, used book stores, used bookstores, vizbor, weiss kreuz, women, women's rights, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuri, zoos, КСП, Юрий Визбор, авторская песня, сказки, снегурочка, собаки